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Visakhapatnam Tourism

Vizag is situated on the east coast of Andhra Pradesh. Teeming with breathtaking sceneries and natural beauty, it attracts tourists of all age groups. Book our Vizag tour packages from Guntur for a refreshing break from your routine life.

Caressed by the majestic Bay of Bengal, Vizag is a popular tourist destination in South India. You can enjoy the natural charm of the port city that will take your breath away. Our Vizag tour packages from Guntur are designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience on your rejuvenating vacation.

Planning a trip to the scenic coastal city of Vizag is a great way to break the monotony of city life. A tour of Vizag lets you explore the endearing culture and rich history of the region. Our Vizag tour packages from Guntur are designed to provide you with an enjoyable experience and comfortable stay in Vizag with ample recreational activities. Food connoisseurs can relish the delicious South Indian cuisine.

Why do people from Guntur love Vizag for vacation?

People from Asia’s no.1 red chili hub, Guntur, love to visit the oldest port city of India, Vizag, to beat the heat and escape from the daily chaos. Vizag has a pleasant climate and serene beaches. The coastal city of Vizag also offers thrilling activities for adventure seekers and fun activities for children.

Packages Overview

Vizag is popularly known as “A gem of South India,” and it is the perfect destination to spend your holidays. If you are looking for a fun-filled holiday plan from Guntur, then Vizag tour packages from Guntur by Holidays DNA will ensure you have a great time.

The Vizag tour packages from Guntur include sightseeing at some of the best tourist attractions in Vizag, such as Yarada Beach, The Submarine Museum, Borra Caves, Visaka Museum, and many more. You can also experience adventure activities like trekking near Araku Valley or taking a thrilling boat ride at Rishikonda Beach.

Why Book with Us?

Vizag tour packages from Guntur by Holidays DNA are tailor-made to suit your budget and preferences. Our travel experts will make sure that all your needs are taken care of while on the trip. We always strive to provide excellent services throughout your holiday so that you can have an unforgettable experience with us.

Our travel experts prepare a comprehensive itinerary that covers all the popular attractions of Vizag and takes you on an unforgettable journey that will surely be one of your best memories. We also provide 24/7 customer support so that any issues or concerns during the trip can be taken care of immediately.

Resort & Hotels options with our Vizag Tour Packages from Guntur

Vizag is a popular tourist destination that offers myriad accommodation options. You can pick from top-notch hotels with quality services or choose economical homestays and hostels. You can even stay in the plush eco-friendly resorts in Vizag with excellent amenities like a spa, gym, and children’s play area.

The hotels can make arrangements for birthdays, anniversaries, candlelight dinners with complimentary wine, city tours, and conferences. On request, you can acquire special meals, family rooms, and customized tour packages.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Vizag

The popular sightseeing places in the Vizag are:

1. Borra Caves
Borra Caves, Vizag

Perched at an elevation of 750 m, the natural rock formations of Borra Caves are made of karstic limestone. You can spot formations in the shape of Rishi’s beard, Shiva-Parvathi, mother-child, crocodile, cow’s udder, and tiger. You will be mesmerized by the colorful display of rock formations when the sunlight strikes the caves.

2. Submarine Museum
Submarine Museum, Vizag

The INS Kurusura is the 1st submarine to be turned into a museum in Asia. In the Submarine Museum, located on Ramakrishna Beach, you can learn about the various parts of a submarine. Through the artifacts, pictures, and objects used by submariners, you can learn about their life underwater. You can take a guided tour through the submarine.

3. Kailasagiri
Kailasagiri, Vizag

Kailasagiri is a hilltop park at an altitude of 360 ft. Covered with tropical trees, it offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding landscape and the beach. You can admire the Shiva-Parvathi statue that stands 40 ft tall. India’s biggest floral clock with a 10-ft diameter is a popular attraction. Children can have fun playing in the children’s park.

4. Rushikonda Beach
Rushikonda Beach, Vizag

One of the best virgin beaches in Vizag, Rushikonda Beach is famous for its golden sands and gushing waves. Fringed by greenery, the beach provides the ultimate relaxation. Adventure seekers come here for activities such as water surfing, jet skiing, and swimming. You can take a stroll and buy eatables from the beach shops.

5. Bojjannakonda
Bojjannakonda, Vizag

Bojjannakonda, dating back to the 4th century, is a group of 6 small rock-cut caves. You can view monolithic stupas where Buddhist monks meditated. These stupas surround a Maha stupa with a brick-made dome. You have to climb a flight of stone stairways to reach the caves. Inside, you can observe a beautifully carved Buddha statue.

Activities & Things to do

Vizag offers a plethora of activities to explore. You can witness the gleaming Katiki waterfalls cascading from the Gosthani River. You can enjoy watching the wildlife at the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary. You can visit the mesmerizing Araku Valley with enchanting vistas.

Well-known shopping places in Vizag include Eastern Art Museum, Jagadamba Centre, Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium, and Nehru Bazar. In addition, you can head to the CMR Shopping Mall, Daba Gardens, and Rama Talkies Road to grab the best deals.

You can buy traditional woven silk brocades, spices, local handicrafts, scented soaps, wood carvings, home décor, and jewelry to gift your dear ones. Pochampally, Ikat, and Gadwal sarees make great souvenirs for women.

How to reach Vizag

Visakhapatnam Airport, located 8 km from the city center, has regular flights to and from major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai.

Visakhapatnam Junction railway station has regular train services plying between Vizag and cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and New Delhi.

Both state and private buses ply between Vizag and most of the nearby cities and towns. You can even hire a private cab as the roads are well-maintained.

By booking our Vizag Tour Packages from Guntur, you can unwind in a new city amidst the pristine beaches, historical temples, and thrilling activities. You can travel with your friends and family to soak in the tranquility of Vizag while also getting the opportunity to explore the region’s unique cultural heritage.