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Visakhapatnam Tourism
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Visakhapatnam / Vizag One Day Tour Packages by Cab with Price & Itinerary
Visakhapatnam / Vizag One Day Tour Packages by Cab with Price & Itinerary (courtesy: bhaskarvinjamuri)

Vizag, one of India's oldest port cities, is located in the heart of Andhra Pradesh. The city was named after Lord Visakheswara Temple, which is now submerged beneath the sea. The area is well-known for its stunning scenery and tranquil beaches, making it a popular destination for seaside holidays.

The port city of Vizag has the country's oldest shipyard and a multitude of constructed landmarks and natural wonders, making it a must-see destination in South India. Our Vizag 1 Day Tour Packages promise a holiday filled with fun and adventure.

The city has several beaches along its coastline where you may relax on golden sands and watch the spectacular sunsets and sunrises. These beaches have the added benefit of being considerably cleaner and less congested than other well-known beaches in the country.

Vizag is also rich in culture and old-world memories, making it a history buff's dream. Handicraft products such as Kalamkari paintings, wooden toys, and Pochampally and Ikat Sarees are also available. Being Andhra Pradesh's commercial center, Vizag provides one of the greatest shopping experiences in the state. A 1 day tour to Vizag by private car allows you to explore the city.

Booking our Vizag 1 Day Tour Package allows you to comfortably visit different sightseeing places in Vizag. Being the best Vizag tour organizers we design the best 1 day tours in the city. Our cab takes you personally on the sightseeing tour of Vizag and ensures you have a comfortable holiday and visit all the popular tourist attractions of Vizag without any hassle.

Vizag can be extensively explored only with a few days in hand but we offer an extensive range of 1 Day Vizag Tour Packages. We help you cover the most interesting tourist spots in Vizag. We have designed these packages by keeping travelers' needs and preferences into consideration. At Vizag Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA, we ensure that you get the most out of your Vizag tour through our customized tour packages.

Choose from our wide range of Vizag 1 Day Tour Packages and travel as per your preference and enjoy a comfortable trip by car provided by the best Vizag car rental companies and tour organizers. You can pick a 1 day tour package with many top places to visit in Vizag and plan a fun trip with us. Our guests are welcome to select from the pre-designed day tours or request to build a customized package as per interests and preferences. The location of starting the sightseeing can even be the Vizag airport itself. A detailed itinerary is provided with all details of the things to do in your 1 day Vizag tour along with transparent pricing.

Sightseeing in Vizag

1. Rishikonda Beach: Rushikonda Beach also called Rishikonda Beach is well-known for its beautiful sands and splendid views of the Bay of Bengal. Renowned as one of South India's pristine beaches, it is without a doubt one of Vizag's nicest beaches.

Rushikonda Beach is surrounded by lush flora and attracts a large number of nature enthusiasts. The beach is ideal for water activities like swimming, water skiing, and windsurfing. During the evening, the beach lures both nature lovers and adventure seekers. You must spend some time at Rishikonda Beach and enjoy the magnificent view with your family and friends.

2. Submarine Museum: The INS Kurusura submarine museum is located on RK Beach. INS Kurusura is a Russian submarine that was built in 1969. It arrived at Visakhapatnam through the Baltic Sea in 1970 and has since served the Indian Navy.

The INS Kurusura submarine museum is the first submarine museum in Asia and the second in the world. This museum displays several elements of the submarine, such as the radar room, sonar room, control room, and military armaments. The museum highlights the stages in submarine evolution through relics, images, and written scripts.

3. Kailasagiri: The Kailasagiri Park, located on a hilltop in Visakhapatnam, is as well-known as the city's expansive beaches. Spread over 100 acres on a mountaintop, it provides panoramic views of the surroundings enthralling every nature lover. Kailasagiri is a favorite picnic location for all visitors visiting the lovely city of Vizag.

Kailasagiri gets its name from this statue symbolizing Lord Shiva and Parvathi's dwelling. The 40-foot-tall Shiva and Parvathi monument is the main attraction of the park. This hilltop is accessible through a ropeway as well as via road.

4. Dolphin’s Nose: Dolphin's Nose, a hidden jewel tucked in the southern part of the city, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vizag. It offers an amazing view of the stunning landscapes, lush flora, harbor, and the entire city from the top of the hill.

Dolphin's Nose is located 358 meters above sea level. It has a magnificent setting with a calm and breezy ambiance where you may rest, revitalize, and soothe your senses. The splendid vista of the cityscape is to die for. This site has become a must-see for tourists of all ages due to its panoramic beauty, strange setting, and quiet environment.

5. Matsyadarshini Aquarium: Consider a museum that provides interesting information about the world underwater while also presenting you with the mystery beneath the crystal surface. MatsyaDarshini Aquarium in the city of Vizag is where you can enjoy this experience.

The aquarium displays previously undiscovered information about aquatic life in an engaging, participatory manner, offering a great platform for curious kids and students. It is more popular with youngsters, but it leaves no stone left in enticing adults as well. The aquarium has roughly twenty different sized tanks that house a range of aquatic species such as freshwater and sea creatures, as well as exotic and invertebrates.

6. Simhachalam Temple: Simhachalam Temple, formerly known as Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, is a well-known Hindu shrine. It provides holy and mystical vibrations to Lord Narsimha worshippers and has an extraordinarily tranquil ambiance that attracts devotees from all over the world.

The Simhachalam Temple, dedicated to the Hindu people, is situated on a mountaintop with beautiful flora all around. The temple is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vizag because of its strong traditional values and maintains a regular prayer regimen every day of the year. This location is well-known for its historical significance and is unquestionably a must-see sight for tourists visiting Vizag.

7. Yarada Beach: Yarada Beach, located in close proximity to the city, is one of Vizag's most popular beaches. It provides an extraordinarily romantic and relaxing setting to all including couples that come here for fun, enjoyment, and amusement.

Yarada Beach is a must-see on your Vizag trip. It is a well-maintained beach in India that boasts of a serene atmosphere for people of all ages. Unlike other tourist sites, it is not much crowded and offers a diverse choice of activities that will never leave you bored. The abundant foliage and picturesque beauty allow travelers to explore nature while overlooking the magnificent dawn and sunset views.

8. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park: Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is a very famous zoo park in Vizag. Surrounded on three sides by the Eastern Ghats and nestled in the heart of the Kambalakonda Forest Reserve, this park spans 625 acres. It is home to around 80 species of wildlife, making it one of the largest zoological parks in Andhra Pradesh.

With the Bay of Bengal nearby, this park's position makes it a great area for observing a variety of unusual bird species. The temperature and climatic conditions in this location have allowed the fauna in the zoo to thrive and offer a safe haven for the animals.

How to Reach Vizag

Vizag, located in Andhra Pradesh, is well connected to the rest of the country. Travelers may get to the city via bus, rail, or plane. Visakhapatnam International Airport is about 8 kilometers from the city center and is well connected to all of the country's main airports. The city's principal railway station, Visakhapatnam Junction, is also connected to the country's major cities. Visakhapatnam Junction is about 12 kilometers from the city center. Road travel is another option for a low-cost vacation to the city. Several state and private buses connect the city to major cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai.

There are many forms of public transport available in the city. You can hire autos, taxis, and buses to visit the tourist locations in Vizag. However, booking a private cab is the best option. You can comfortably enjoy a 1 day tour of Vizag by booking a cab from the top car services in Vizag.