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Visakhapatnam Tourism
1 Day Visakhapatnam Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab
1 Day Visakhapatnam Local Sightseeing Tour by Cab
Starting @ Rs.2,399/- by Private Car (upto 4 Travelers)

1 Day Vizag to Araku Valley Tour by Cab
1 Day Vizag to Araku Valley Tour by Cab
Starting @ Rs.3,199/- by Private Car (upto 4 Travelers)

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary Vizag Tourist Attraction

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary Vizag Entry Fee

  • 10 per person for Adults
  • 5 per person for Children
  • 200 for Vehicles entry into the Sanctuary (includes entry fee for 5 members)
  • 250 for Cottage
  • 15 per person for Trekking
  • 150 for a group of 10 members for Trekking

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary Vizag Phone

0891 6452143

Rating: | 4/5 stars
Based on total 60 reviews

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary Vizag Address: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, 531173, India

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Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary Vizag Timings

Day Timing
Monday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Wedesday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
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Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is a vast forest reserve located near Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, covering an area of seventeen thousand acres. With lush green foliage covering the terrain, the sanctuary is a great place for trekking and hiking while also making it sustainable for wildlife at the same time.

People looking for an alternative tourist experience can also try out adventure sports in the area or visit the Kambalakonda Wildlife Eco Park. This extremely scenic region of the Eastern Ghats of India is a wonderful place to travel during the cooler months of the year.

History and Geography of Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

The land comprising the sanctuary was earlier under the control of the Maharajah of the district of Vizianagaram. The name of the place referred to the local hill, Kambalakonda. The forest cover in the sanctuary is mostly considered as a dry evergreen forest mixed with scrub and meadows all over the area.

The entire sanctuary covers an area of seventy square kilometres. The most important species found in the area is the Indian leopard. The sanctuary has been under the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department since March 10, 1970. They have now begun making it more suitable for tourism purposes.

The zoo of the sanctuary can be reached from the city in no time as it is only 3 kilometres away from Visakhapatnam. The Kambalakonda Wildlife sanctuary is considerably hilly, with steep slopes and is covered with evergreen forests and scrubs.

Flora and Fauna at Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

The flora and fauna of the sanctuary are very specific to the Eastern Ghats of India, and represent most of the native animals and plants found here. The floral and animal diversity of the sanctuary is high, with some extremely rare species and breeds.

Flora: One of the most stunning flowers found in the region includes the Indian screw tree (Helicteres isora) which is very rarely spotted at Kambalakonda. Other flowers and fruits like flowers of the Bush plum tree (Carissa spinarium), Jungle berry bunches (Polyalthia cerasoides) can be found all across the landscape.

Fauna: Quite a few animals at the sanctuary are extremely rare that need to be protected. These animals include the Indian leopard, Indian pangolin, Madras treeshrew. Russel’s viper or Daboia russelii is also a very rare breed of snake found in this sanctuary. Some of the uncommon birds include the Indian Golden oriole, Indian peafowl, Banded bay cuckoo among others. You also find quite a few varieties of butterflies in the area.

Image Gallery of Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary Vizag

Things to Do at Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

You need to be prepared for the adrenaline you experience while exploring the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary. Make sure to click some amazing pictures of leopards, vipers and jackals. You can hire local guides who are well versed with the entire area to take you around the forest.

You can head over to Shambuvanipalem to book ethnic cottages which have been made for overnight camping within the sanctuary. Things you can do at the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary include:

1. Spot Flora and Fauna: Spend the day inside the forest while you get to meet peacocks, deers, emus, lovebirds and other endangered animals which are a great option for eco-tourists.

2. Night Safari: You can also avail the night safari, which is provided at the Nature Park, for a more surreal experience of witnessing animals in the wild.

3. Birdwatching: The reservoir which was man-made and recently constructed has now become a great place for birdwatchers if you just want to go spot a few birds and click some great pictures of them. If you’re a bird lover this is the place to go.

4. Accommodation: You can take a boat ride on the reservoir or trek around the place. There are quite a few log huts that are available in the area where you can spend the night if you want to.

5. Sports: Trekking, boating, hitch-hiking, horse-riding and other adventure sports such as crossing bridges are also found in the area in case the vast jungle wasn’t enough.

6. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park: The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is located near the sanctuary which is quite safe for children and families to visit and enjoy the sights of various wild animals that are present in the zoo.

Entry Fee and Timings of Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

The ticket price to visit Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is Rs. 10 for adults and Rs.5 for children. The charge for vehicle entry is Rs. 200 which includes entry fee for five members.

If you wish to book a cottage, the charge is Rs.250. Trekking charges is Rs.150 for a group of 10 members.

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is open from 9 am to 4:30 pm on all days of the week.

Location and How to Reach Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is located to the north of the city of Visakhapatnam and lies about 5 kilometres away from the centre of the city. You may take public buses or cabs on the Vijayanagaram to Srikakulam route along National Highway 16. To reach Visakhapatnam you may use the following modes of transport:

By Air: Visakhapatnam International Airport (VTZ) has flights connecting it to all the major cities of the country and quite a few international ones as well.

By Rail: Visakhapatnam Railway Station (VSKP) is the nearest railway station where you can find trains connecting you to all the nearby metropolitan cities. From there you can take a cab to reach the sanctuary.

By Road: The city is well connected by roads and highways heading both south and north of the city. Buses are readily available and so are rented cars from top car rental companies in Vizag, making it an easier mode of transport.

Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vizag offering breathtaking views from the top of the hilly cliffs and steep slopes. To make your trip to the city all the more enjoyable, we at Vizag Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA offer Vizag Tour packages that you can choose from. Make the most of your holiday by booking with us and have the most rewarding trip of your life. Please fill the Contact Us form for further queries.

Location Map for Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary Vizag